“I have found sessions with Joshua to be extremely useful. Having the space to talk about what’s bothering you so acutely feels liberating, and Joshua listens and offers insights and interpretation which allow you to understand yourself more. He also aims to link the session with the “real world” and suggests ways to build in what has been learned into your everyday life. Joshua is also a friendly and personable person you can feel comfortable talking to”.

“I first contacted Joshua following a sudden breakdown in a relationship. With Joshua’s help throughout the course of therapy, I began to make sense of what was going on within my life and why I was ultimately making destructive decisions. Through a process of discussion, I was able to rationalise a lot of the things that were troubling me. The change has been subtle but significant, I feel more at ease with myself having gained a better understanding of what makes me tick. Joshua made me view things from a different perspective, in ways that I had never really considered before. It took a lot of hard work but was definitely worth it, and I don’t think I could have got to where I am without his help”.

“We came to Joshua for help with communication in our marriage. With such an encompassing topic, Joshua was able to pinpoint the main issues and help us work through them with respect and honesty. He listened carefully, asked thoughtful questions, helped clarify feelings and guided us to a happy resolution. We are grateful for his expertise and would absolutely recommend him to other couples.”

“I sought Joshua’s help after several years of mild anxiety escalated out of the blue into panic attacks, and I didn’t know why. Joshua was incredibly calm and welcoming, creating a space in which I could be brutally honest and entirely vulnerable when discussing my thoughts and worries. Therapy was a surprisingly exhausting process and it was important to me that I felt comfortable enough to laugh at the absurd as well as cry at the unfortunate — Joshua was an excellent judge of character, and mood, and adapted our sessions accordingly. He provided the right amount of challenge and support, helping me to understand and interpret the various experiences, assumptions and pressures which, left unchecked, had manifested themselves as physical anxiety. I left with a much greater sense of control and resilience. No panic attacks since. I’m really glad I picked up the phone”.