Areas Of Experience


I have a 15 years experience as a song writer, musician, producer and poet. I have a particular interest in working with people who with jobs or interests within the creative industries, and who may be experiencing difficulties around their creativity, whether experiencing difficulties expressing themselves creatively, experiencing stage fright, a lack of inspiration or a crisis of confidence within their chosen creative field.

I understand first hand the importance of creativity, and know that it has a wide ranging influence in many aspects of life. I am able to assist you in understanding your creativity and what it means for you, explore your creative processes, find ways of thinking about how you can be more creative, and help you to get past any blocks you may be experiencing.

Loss & Bereavement

I am an experienced Bereavement Counsellor and understand that grief and loss deeply impact many aspects of life. I understand the powerful and difficult feelings grief has on your entire life. If you have lost someone recently or in the past, I can assist you in working through your feelings.


Depression, loneliness and isolation can be debilitating, controlling and at some points crippling, leaving you with a lack of energy or enjoyment for life. I am experienced in working with these issues, and can work with you to explore your feelings of sadness, be with you during your times of darkness as well as share in your happiness and times of light.


When we experience Anxiety, we are not only struggling to feel in control of our emotions, feelings, worries and fears, but also trying to manage our physical sensations as well. Anxiety can be that cramping feeling we get in the pit of our stomach that can stop you in your tracks. Anxiety can occur for a wide variety of reasons. I can work with you to understand the reasons behind your Anxiety, and offer you practical ways of managing it.

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