Some Thoughts For 2015

I haven’t written anything here since November and have been thinking a lot recently about the new year, and what it holds for us all. With each new year comes a moment, a chance and an opportunity to re-do, re-live and reenergise your energies, your soul and ultimately your life.

I have not been one for new years resolutions in the past, but I think that this year, I am seeing that my journey has and had been leading up to this moment, and now I find myself in 2015, with all to play for. I am feeling at the cusp of making new movements, deciphering plans and engaging with new processes and experiences in my life. I have to admit, this all feels really good, productive but also scary. But it is that fear, that trepidation, which keeps me going, and keeps me seeking to improve, move forward and develop.

So, how do you envisage you will spend 2015? Do you have new plans, ideas or ventures you are planning on embarking on? A new adventure perhaps? I guess, what I am really saying here, in my stream of blogging consciousness, is that all is possible, and even though the fear can at times seem so terrifying, it is also electrifying! It shocks us, to act, to plan and to move forward.

I guess the point of this piece of writing, is that whatever changes you are seeking to make in 2015 can be achieved, with work, time and patience. I encourage you to harness the good energies in your life, reflect on those which take more than they give back to you, and concentrate on making 2015 a year in which you act on dreams, concentrate on your own self fulfilment in whatever way means most for you.

A very happy, albeit late, 2015 to you all.

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